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Blanik 50E V2 Glider

BL50V2-SB, BL50V2-SR
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New scale glider version suitable for tug or slope, fiberglass fuselage, balsa and plywood wings and stabilizer structure covered with Oracover, complete with flap, turbine or EDF support, tug release and all accessories, wing bags included.

Build Manual

Wingspan: 130,7 in
Lenght: 66,9 in
Airframe weight: 7,27 lb
Weight RTF apprx.: 11 lb
Wing surface: 1247,7 sq in
Wing loading: 2,1 lb/sq in

Servos function: 7 mini +
1 standard
alilerons (2), flap (2),
rudder (1), elevator (2),
tow release system (1)

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