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Krill AreS XL 3.3M

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AreS XL 3D jet kit is a joint product between KRILL Aircraft and Seba Silvestri with the goal of offering a big sport jet kit with ultimate flying characteristics for both precision and 3D aerobatics. Size is set not to exceed European weight limit 25 kg – which means the jet is ready to fly with fuel+smoke.
To achieve this, they designed an extremely light frame (empty less than 9000 grams) with huge ailerons and flaps on central hinges. Flaps are possible to operate not only as a flaps (flaps move in positive deflection), but by mixing with ailerons as an additional surface for ailerons. Fuselage has a slim, flat and tall shape for great stability during knife edge flight. Elevators and rudder use central hinges as well. Frame is very light but strong enough for extreme maneuvers at medium speeds.
For easier transportation you can dismantle fuselage into two pieces, dividing line is behind wings line and turbine. Wings, elevators and fin with rudder are removable as well.
Kit is designed to be powered by jet turbines with thrust from 18 kg for sport flying, at least 30kg for 3D flying with vectored jet pipe.
The jet is set up for Electron retracts. Front gear door is operated by linear actuator controlled from retract controller or directly from receiver, hinges of front doors are installed. Special designed Kevlar tanks for kerosene and smoke are available, with tanks holder installed inside fuselage. Attaching them is very easy with 4 screws, no additional work is needed. Thrust pipes are offered in 3 sizes and one with vectoring.
  • Kit should be equipped with 1 or 2 servos for each aileron
  • 1 servo for each flap
  • 1 servo for rudder
  • 1 servo for each elevator
  • All servos must be at least 25 kg
  • All control surfaces are pre drilled with holes for Gabriel horns that come with the kit.


  • Wingspan: 106.29 in (2.7m)
  • Length: 129.92 in (3.3m)
  • Dry Weight: 46-51 lbs (~20kg)
  • Turbine: 180N and Up

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