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MB339 XS - 1.9m with Retracts

MB190-FT-LG, MB190-OW-LG
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The MB339 1.9m Jet ARF was designed by Italian aerobatic pilot, Sebastiano Silvestri and is the big brother to the 90mm MB339. This sport jet model is largely designed off the full scale MB339 and modified by adding the ultimate aerodynamic ideas of modern pattern models. Combined with Sebastianos 15 years of experience in flying jets, the result are surprising! The innovative design of the MB339 XS is due to the combined lightweight composite fuselage and built up wood flying surfaces which allows the MB339 an impressive precision and smoothness at any airspeed and flight condition. The Mb339 XS can be flown with a 12 Blade 120mm EDF unit with 12S 5800 mAh LiPo power or a P60 to P70 Turbine, either way this sport jet will perform!

Length: 1.94m
Wingspan: 1.90m
Weight empty: 8.6 kg
Turbine: P60 to P130

Hi-Tech composite fuselage
painted outside mold
Wings and stabilizers in balsa wood covered with Oracover

Electric aluminum landing gear and electric brakes

Radio: 7+ ch. with 6 MG mini servos +
2 standard for flaps

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