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Pilatus PC21 XL w/Retracts

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The PC-21 XL ARF has been designed by 13 times Italian Champion Sebastiano Silvestri. This professional ARF model is the result of Sebastiano's extensive research, experience in F3A and his passion for scale model airplanes. An extremely light weight airframe combined with many small aerodynamic refinements, has made the PC-21 XL 2.2m an impressive and smooth flying model at all airspeeds and flight conditions. The factory installed, electric retracts and gear doors not only provide excellent scale looks, but also allows the model to easily take off and land from both paved and grass runway surfaces. Scale flight patterns as well as unbelievably easy knife edge, loops, rolling circles and torque rolls are easily accomplished with the PC-21 XL 2.2m.

Wing Span: 82.67 in
Lenght with
spinner: 92.91 in
Wing Area: 1395 sq in
Weight: 20.9 lb
electric vers. no batteries

Radio: 9+ channels
with 8 MG digital + 2 MG mini servos

power set up:
Gas Engine 50-60cc
Electric Setup:
Motor: Hacker Q80-8M
+ ESC 170A
Battery: Top-Fuel
5000-12S (6S + 6S)
Propeller: 22x12 / 23x13

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