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Wind S 50E 62" ARF

W50-WB; W50-YB
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The Wind S 50E ARF was designed by Italian aerobatic pilot, Sebastiano Silvestri. This professional ARF is the result of Sebastianos experience and research in 3D performance and precision. Sebastianos knowledge combined with an extremely lightweight all wood airframe structure, and big control surfaces give the Wind S 50E an impressive thrust to weight ratio and crisp control authority at any airspeed and flight condition. The Wind S 50E can do it all, from precision aerobatics to aggressive 3D maneuvers such as easy harriers, torque rolls, blenders and waterfalls.

  • Wingspan: 62 in (1580mm)
  • Length: 65 in (1650mm)
  • Weight (Less Battery/Fuel): 80-82 oz (2250-2325 g)
  • Motor: 1200-1300W
  • ESC: 70-110 amp
  • Battery: 6S 3800-5000 mAh
  • Glow Engine: .55-.61 2-Stroke
  • Radio: 6+ Channel, 3 Standard & 2 Mini Servos

Recomm. power set up:

Motor: Hacker A50-16S

ESC: Hacker Master Basic 70A ESC SB

Battery: Top Fuel 3800-6S or 4500-6S

Propeller: APC 16x10E or 16x12E

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