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Zeus 2M - WHITE / BLUE / RED

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Wing Span: 73.6 in

Length: 78.7 in

Wing area: 1,410.5 sq in

Weight: with SebArt / Hacker CR system (less battery): 8.5 lb

Weight RTF (with 4400-10S DualSky): 10.8 lb

Radio: 8 ch. with 1 High torque MG servo (rud.)+ 6 mini servo MG for elevators and ailerons

Recommended CR Power Setup:

Motor: SebArt / Hacker Contra Drive System C50-12XL or comparable outrunner setup (Himax 210, Plettenberg 30-10, Dualsky 6350)

ESC: Hacker / Jeti SPIN 125A

Recommended battery pack: DualSky 4400-10S

Propellers: E-factor carbon props for CR system

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